Part Time Beginings

After shifting from my 9-5 in marketing to a part-time role I knew I wanted to avoid going back to a desk full time. In my garage/pottery studio in the South of Sydney amongst the bikes and camp gear -  Part Time Ceramics was born. 

Part Time Ceramics began as a side project to keep this busy mind still. Now it encompasses all my free time. Finding that creating is more of a constant state than a single act. 

Inspired by the raw beauty of nature, and in particular the NSW scenic South Coast, Part Time pieces are eclectic and varied. From functional dinnerware to the odd wall hanging - you’ll find that no two items are the same. After a few months of searching for a local studio to take residency in I quickly resigned to the fact that there were none in the South of Sydney. This is where you come in. I needed a space but I couldn't justify leasing one just for myself, and so classes and workshops were added to agenda. Sharing the studio with students and interns has quickly become my favourite part of running PTC. My job is basically making pots, meeting new people and having great chats with them - I can't believe it either.
No potters origin story is complete without their trusty studio assistant - Moby is my little sidekick who reminds me to take breaks and go out and catch a few rays each day. 

Every time you support Part Time Ceramics you're also supporting this animals dental stick addiction.
Thanks for supporting this mad potter and her dreams.